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KT Safe Deposit Box

You want to be on the safe side with your valuables? Then this is the right place for you.

Safety for your valuables

Keep your valuables like jewellery, precious metals, or important documents safe. Whether you use it during your holidays or permanently – a safe deposit box gives you the reassurance that your valuables are in the right place.

The overall demand for safe deposit boxes is large, yet there is a general shortage of them. Not at KT Bank. Our clients can exclusively rent a safe deposit box in the KT branches in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Why you need a safe deposit box

The number of domestic burglaries in Germany is increasing to the extent of an average of one burglary every three minutes. A safe deposit box offers maximum safety for your valuables.

What you should store in your safe deposit box

  • Jewellery, gold and further precious metals
  • Important documents like birth certificates, passports, vehicle registration documents and school certificates/ references
  • Data backups on hard drives and USB sticks
  • Personal valuables like heirloom pieces or letters

In just a few steps to your safe deposit box

  1. Visit the branch (existing customers even without an appointment)
  2. Choose the size of your safe deposit box
  3. Have your ID or passport ready

Terms and conditions

The exact sizes and availability of the safe deposit boxes vary from branch to branch. Please ask in the respective branch. We offer safe deposit boxes in our branches in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Berlin branch:

Size S M L XL
Size S M L XL
Annual fee 125,- 150,- 250,- -
Annual fee 125,- 150,- 250,- -

Frankfurt branch:

Size S M L XL
Size S M L XL
Annual fee 75,- 150,- 250,- 350,-
Annual fee 75,- 150,- 250,- 350,-
Are you interested in a safe deposit box? Please visit our branch in Berlin or in Frankfurt. If you have any further questios, you can also send us an email to [email protected].

Service Phone:069 – 255 10 200Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm