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KT Participation Account

That’s what a winner looks like. Germany’s No. 1 fixed-term deposit.*
KT BeteiligungsKonto

Investing together.

If you want to invest sensibly, in a profitable way and Islamic-compliant, then now is the time to open a KT Participation Account. This lucrative option is based on the principle of profit and loss participation and provides you with the highest returns that can currently be obtained in the fixed-term deposit area.*
The KT Participation Account is a sensible solution for all clients who want to put their money into a fair, profitable and Islam-compliant investment environment. This lucrative option is based on the principle of profit and loss participation.

Taking profit together.

With the KT Participation Account, you invest your money with us, we invest it in Islam-compliant areas of the real economy, and the profit then achieved is shared in accordance with an allocation formula agreed beforehand. The size of your share in the profits will depend on the term involved and the size of your investment. Terms can range between 3 and 36 months and deposits from € 200 onwards. Please note the exemplary table below for typical listings of participation rates.

Your KT Participation Account in a few steps:

For new clients:
  1. Click „Open account“in order to apply for a free-of-charge KT Current Account.
  2. Fill out the online-application – it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Keep your ID or passport ready for verification of identity via VideoIdent.
  4. After successful legitimation you will receive from us all documents via email.
  5. After opening the KT Current Account, you can now easily open a KT Participation Account via your online banking.
If you prefer to use our forms, please visit our forms center.
Exemplary list of participation rates
Type of Account Size of deposit
(in euro)
Term (in months)
Minimum 3 6 12 24 36
Size of deposit
(in Euro)
(in months)
Minimum 3-24 36
Classic 200,- 62 % 67 % 72 % 77 % 82 %
Silver 10.000,- 66 % 71 % 76 % 81 % 86 %
Gold 50.000,- 70 % 75 % 80 % 85 % 90 %
Platinum 250.000,- 74 % 79 % 84 % 89 % 94 %
Classic 200,- 60 %70 % 75%
Silver 10.000,- 64 %75 % 80 %
Gold 50.000,- 68 %78 % 83 %
Platinum ab 250.000,- 74 %89 % 94 %
So by investing a sum of € 10,000 and with a term of three years, you receive no less than 76 % of the profit earned with you investment.

Calculate your profit amount

Please be aware that the size of future rates of return cannot be guaranteed. Future rates of return can be higher or lower in size.
Do you want to invest your money sensibly? Please click here to download the KT Participation Account documents. In case of an account opening for a minor, we kindly ask you to visit our colleagues at our branches who are happy to support you.
*In comparison to fixed-term deposit investments of other providers. Source: www.check24.de. Date: 13.04.2021, investment amount € 5,000 term of 12 months.
The KT Participation Account is not subject to the statutory deposit protection.
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