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KT Hajj Savings Account

You wish to make the pilgrimage? KT Bank is at your service.
Let your Hajj or Umrah savings multiply by high returns.

An account that will make your Hajj or Umrah duty easier

We have launched a brand new product to support your Hajj and Umrah travel requirements, so that you can start planning your duties easily. We are offering the KT Hajj Savings Account which provides an advantageous support for your Hajj-Umrah savings. Now with KT Hajj Saving Account, you can both save up easily for your Hajj-Umrah duties and, at the same time, benefit from the high profit shares.

‘Actions are by intentions’, what about savings?

Make a minimum of € 50 saving each month with the  KT Hajj Savings Account, and we will append your annual profit share. Thus, as your money for your Hajj/Umrah travels cumulates, it will also increase with high profit shares, and at the end of ten years it will be sufficient for your Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage. You can easily give a direct debit mandate from your KT Bank account, so that your account continues to improve easily thanks to your regular payments. If you decide to cash in on your account, you will benefit from the profit shares for the time you had invested, regardless of the expiry date.

Highly Advantageous and Lucrative KT Hajj Savings Account

  • Offers a saving plan exclusive to Hajj or Umrah duties
  • Can be opened with minimum of € 50 at the branches or service center
  • Provides a monthly saving account from € 50 or more
  • You can withdraw your savings without any fee before the maturity date
  • Your profit is deposited to your account automatically every year
  • Has a profit sharing ratio of 99/1 and delivers above-average returns

This is how KT Hajj Savings Account Works:

If you are a KT Bank customer, you can visit our branches or easily apply from our service center to benefit from the KT Hajj Savings Account immediately. By depositing a minimum of € 50, you can open an account by your current account. If you wish, you can also give minimum 50 € automatic monthly payment order. You can deposit money into your KT Hajj Savings Account, which offers the highest profit share ration, without an upper limit, benefit from high annual profit share and withdraw your saving whenever you need it, without any early closure fee. You can contact our call center for detailed information on annually distributed profit rates. 
Your KT Hajj Savings Account in a few steps:
Are you already a KT Bank client? Then please fill out the KT Hajj Savings Account application form and send it to us.
For new clients:
  1. Click „Open account“ in order to apply for a free-of-charge KT Current Account.
  2. Fill out the online-application – it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Keep your ID or passport ready for verification of identity via VideoIdent.
  4. After successful legitimation you will receive from us all documents via email.
  5. After opening the KT Current Account, please fill out the application form for the KT Hajj Savings Account and send it to us.
If you prefer to use our forms in order to open the KT Current Account, please visit our forms center.
The KT Hajj Savings Account is not subject to the statutory deposit protection.
Service Telefon:069 – 255 10 200Mo-Fr 08:00 – 18:00 Uhr