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KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account

Let your wealth grow.

A safe investment at top conditions

With the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account you profit from excellent conditions with full ultimate security. We guarantee you the return* for the full term. As KT Bank is a member of the German Banks Compensation Scheme (EdB), your deposits are secured up to € 100,000.

Flexible terms, individual investment sums

You can invest your money as you wish and choose several terms, running between 3 and 60 months. We also offer you utmost flexibility in the sum you want to put in. With an amount starting at € 1,000 you can already invest your savings profitably.

The advantages of the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account:

  • Above-average returns
  • Guaranteed profits
  • Terms between 3 and 60 months
  • No fees or other charges

This is how the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account works:

When you apply for a KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account, you specify the term and the amount of your deposit. Your KT Current Account will serve as clearing account for your KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account. After paying the deposit onto the KT Current Account, the Fixed-Term Deposit Account will be opened. At the end of the term, you will receive an account statement with information about your profit.
Extension options:
(a) No automatic extension. Your deposit including profits will be paid to your KT Current Account.
(b) Automatic extension of the deposit including profits for the selected term.
(c) Automatic extension of the deposit excluding profits for the selected term. The profits will be paid out to your KT Current Account.

Secure savings – apply for your KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account

You can conveniently open a KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account in one of our branches without even scheduling an appointment. Our friendly colleagues are happy to non-bindingly consult you on the advantages of the KT Fixed-Term Deposit Account.
*The return is a profit generated by a commodity trade carried through by KT Bank. The amount of return will be guaranteed by KT Bank.
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