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KT Gold Account

A solid investment for your savings.
Your savings are secured as gram gold at your account.
Physical gold equivalent to your savings is secured in high-security vaults.

Steady accumulation, Steady Savings

With KT Gold account, convert your savings into gold and therefore turn them into a solid investment instrument. You can easily perform purchase and sell of gold through your Online Banking or KT Bank branches. By doing so, you can secure your future savings quickly and safely.

KT Bank Appreciates the Value of Gold

With the exclusive Gold Account, you can easily follow up your gold savings’ Euro equivalent and you can benefit from the service provided for your gold to be kept in high-security vaults. Via Online Banking, you can purchase gram gold any time in order to make regular savings. You can also convert your accumulated gram gold to Euro whenever you request. Besides, you can request the delivery of your 10 grams or multiplies of 10 grams physical gold to your address and receive it safely at your door. After all, you know the value your earnings, KT Bank knows the value of gold.

Golden Penny Bank, Golden Opportunity

With your KT Gold Account, you can fill up your golden penny bank by purchasing gram gold in Euro. The KT Gold Account, which you can quickly and safely perform your transactions either through Online Banking or at the branches, offers plenty of opportunities for your savings:
  • No cost of storing and safekeeping
  • No cost for buy or sell transaction
  • Fast and utmost secure
  • Allows you to carry out transactions any time you like during bank working hours
  • 10 grams or multiples of 10 grams physical gold can be delivered to your house upon your request with delivery cost
  • The authenticity and purity of the gold, which we conserved under your name, are guaranteed under the LBMA certificate

And that’s how easy it is:

1st step: Become a customer

Open a free KT Current Account online via antrag.kt-bank.de or via the mobile banking app.

2nd step: Receiving the Access data

After your KT Current Account has been successfully opened, you will receive your secure data with which you can log in to your online or mobile banking.

3rd step: Open a KT Gold Account

Then click in the menu on Accounts -> Open Account -> Select the Account Type (Gold Account) -> Approve the Account Opening Document -> NEXT -> Approve and you have a KT Gold Account. Afterwards, you can purchase and sell gold conveniently and securely.
For the KT Gold Account, you can open your gold account immediately via the Online Banking; and start your gold transactions quickly and safely. If you do not have an account at KT Bank, you can open an account online or you can visit our closest branch. For detailed information and support, you can contact our call centre.
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