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KT Consumer Financing

A loan to make special wishes come true? Now the conditions are all you could wish for as well.

Attractive conditions.

The KT Bank’s products are all you could wish for. But if there is something more you would like, then a KT Consumer Financing is a quick and easy option for acquiring it. It offers the appropriate, Islam-compliant foundations for financing a major purchase. This can be anything from a piece of furniture to a new television, always provided, of course, that it’s ethically acceptable.

Islam-compliant loan processing.

That is not the only difference compared with a conventional financing package: instead of remitting the money to you, we buy the object you want directly from the dealer concerned and sell it on to you at a reasonable markup. In this way, we avoid interest, which is not permitted in Islam. You then pay the total amount back to us very conveniently in manageable and customized instalments.
Get in touch with us and we will be pleased to expand your choice of options and make your wishes come true.
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