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KT Car Financing

You dream of a new car?Now the conditions are dreamlike as well.

Own your dream car

The KT Car Financing offers you flexible financial solutions for your new dream car. To achieve your vehicle purchase in the best way, we provide you with Islam-compliant loan processing. We buy the respective vehicle directly from the dealer, sell it on to you at a reasonable markup and thus avoid interest according to Islamic banking principles. You then pay the total amount back to us in monthly instalments. The terms are variable and based on the respective financing amount as well as your financial means. The selected vehicle is subject to the following conditions: It is either new or used and as well as being sold by a car dealer, broker or company. Privately offered vehicles will not be funded.

The advantages of the KT Car Financing:

  • The first and only Islam-compliant car financing in Germany
  • Financing of new and used vehicles
  • Variable terms range between 6 and 100 months
  • Financing from € 5,000 up to € 50,000
  • Financing with ballon payment is possible
  • Instant Financing
Do you want to realize your car purchase as quickly as possible? Get in touch with us and own your dream car soon enough!
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